Has anyone heard any discussion of an 'Icelandic for English Speakers' course on Duolingo?

June 2, 2017


Nothing here as yet, but you could always try the University of Iceland's Icelandic Online course:

After you finish that, you'll find intermediate lessons at

Thank you! I'll check it out! :)

Have you seen this post:

Icelandic has been requested many times already. There are already 3 Scandinavian languages available on Duolingo, so Icelandic may not happen anytime soon.

I hate to be picky, but Iceland isn't part of Scandinavia, nor is the language Scandinavian. You'll annoy a lot of Icelanders if you accuse them of being Scandinavian. :)

Many people (myself included, FWIW) consider "Scandinavian languages" a synonym for "North Germanic languages." The Encyclopedia Britannica, for instance, and Wikipedia--which looks to have been somewhat edited, but look to the right under "North Germanic languages," where "Scandinavian" is listed as a synonym, along with "Nordic."

That's true- in the English-speaking world that's often how 'Scandinavian' is used. In the Nordic countries however, 'Scandinavia ' is specifically Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Faroe, Finland, Greenland and Iceland are not included, nor is Svalbard even though it's part of Norway.


Also your wiki article, which states "In Scandinavia, the term "Scandinavian languages" refers specifically to the mutually intelligible languages of the three continental Scandinavian countries" in the second paragraph.

Thank you for the link!

Icelandic is one of the most requested languages at Duolingo, along with Finnish and Latin. There have been dozens of discussions: for instance, here, which also has links to plenty of online material.

If you know icelandic, you could contribute to make a course here:

No working knowledge of Icelandic, but would like to learn....

I studied Icelandic back in 2008 on livemocha, which doesn't exist anymore. Its a beautiful language, and very similar to Danish/Norwegian/Swedish... I hope someday that it comes on here. Icelandic is amazing.

If you want to listen to Icelandic music, "Pall Oskar" is the most popular singer. I love his song "Allt fyrir Astina" which means all for love. You just learned a new phrase! Good luck with your Icelandic dream.

Thank you! I checked out Pall Oskar on YouTube. - good music!

The website has an introduction to Icelandic with a few recommendations for resources:

Thank you for the links! I'm especially interested in learning the sounds in Icelandic.....

I would love to learn Icelandic, they are not many apps that will help me do so. So please Duolingo add Icelandic!

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