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"Họ cần đọc lại quyển sách đó."

Translation:They need to read that book again.

June 2, 2017



Can anyone shed light on lại? Where can it be positioned in a sentence? I'm confused.


"lại" comes after a verb, it means you do something again, do that one more time. In this sentence, "lại" is "again":

"read again" means "đọc lại",

"read that book again" = "Đọc lại quyển sách đó"


Additionally, it's also homophonous with a particle that denotes that one action happens rather than another.

e.g. Khi tôi đến thì anh ấy lại đi = He left when I arrived.*


Don't you mean "When I arrived, he left."?


Yeah I had a brain fart in that particular instance. It can be taken to mean either "When I arrived he left" or "He left when I arrived" or "He left as I arrived".


Also think of the prefix “re-” in English. To read something again is to reread something.


Is cuon and quyen not interchangeable? Not accepted here.

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