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Is there another way to learn Swedish more fluently in a few months?

Im going to sweden as an exchange student in August 2017, and im doing what i can here on Duolingo, but i know online learning languages isnt 100% helpful. Im also learning spanish because im in highschool and swedish was not a language option. If anyone has any ideas please comment and reply.

June 2, 2017



I went through Duo's tree in three weeks while reinforcing the vocabulary on Memrise. I then immediately started talking to a very patient Swedish coworker. It was slow going at first, but basic conversations were easy enough and as the weeks passed the conversations grew more complex.

I understand that you may not have access to a willing Swede for several hours every day, so the best thing I can recommend- if you have the stamina and are willing to embarrass yourself a few times -is to power through the tree with the assistance of vocab flashcards and a language partner on the internet on a site such as Italki and speak to them as often as possible. It'll cost a little money, but it's your best solution unless you have some Swedes in your immediate vicinity.

Two months is not long, but I think it's possible to get to a basic conversational level in a language like Swedish in that time. Speaking to natives as much as possible is absolutely critical, though. You'll get better once you're there. Best of luck!

Edit: if you use this method, you will probably get headaches for a while. I did. :)


Which Memrise courses would you recommend as a supplement?


To add to the pages Eva33964 mentoned, there are these links to video in Swedish from Finnish Radio. Those on the left are for, it looks like, pre-schoolers and those on the right are for school age kids. I do not know Swedish, so it could be that the accent is "regional," etc., etc., but maybe they are worth a look for you, especially those for the younger kids, as (IMHO) it's always best to start out w/ simple material that you can comprehend, rather than struggle w/ the more advanced things--you'll make better progress in the time you have.

How great to be going to Sweden for a whole school year! It really sounds like fun.


Yes watch the news in easy Swedish on the Swedish television's website, it's subtitled in Swedish/English/Arabic. I watch a lot on two other sites of the Swedish television, "öppet arkiv" and "UR Play" (educational...) but am not sure about how they can be accessed from out of the country. There's also Swedish radio at "Sveriges Radio". You might also want to get a book and an audiobook of the same book, and listen/read simultaneously. Check out easy reader options at "LL förlaget" publisher. There's a newspaper called "8 sidor", very easy Swedish. Get a penpal at "Brevvänsförmedlingen".


If your Swedish is really, really basic maybe go for children's stories like "Tripp, Trapp, Träd" at "UR Play" about the animated three little acorns learning about how to make dinner, eat lunch, go to kindergarten etc. It's aimed at children age 3-5 years old. The short stories are subtitled in Swedish.


Tinycards has a number of flashcard decks for Swedish, including a few official ones for the Duolingo course (scroll down): https://tinycards.duolingo.com/search?query=swedish

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