"Upishi wa ugali"

Translation:Ugali recipe

June 2, 2017

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You are not consistent: Ugali is supposed to be accepted


Who are you talking to?


i think ugali is just ugali in english really... we never use the phrase stiff porridge and it makes less sense than just saying ugali.


A recipe for ugali

upishi = recipe/cookery
wa = of
ugali = ugali (awkwardly translated as "stiff porridge")


Ahhh! The ugali translation is just... weird.


Yep! I keep reporting it but it hasn't been changed yet.


By the way, Ugali is a kind of posho here in East Africa. It is relatively maroon in colour.

And practically speaking, posho is a form of stiff porridge. So ya, I think I understand why Duolingo would go with this translation.


suddenly the recipe became the cooking...…….. so now recipe is wrong....

[deactivated user]

    stiff porridge -- (usually uncountable, plural stiff porridges) porridge made with a greater proportion of meal or flour so as to achieve a thicker consistency, similar to dough (common in many African cuisines). https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/stiff_porridge. This phrase was used by F. Johnson to translate "ugali" in his 1939 (rep. 1971) "A Standard Swahili-English Dictionary."

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