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Updated Tree-Trimmer?

One of my favorite little plugins for Duolingo has always been the Tree-Trimmer, which hid all the skills that were fully gilded so that I could quickly see what needed to be refreshed. However, it looks like the new site update made it stop working.

Does anyone know who made that plugin? Are they working on a new version? It's nothing big, but it was one of my favorite little quality-of-life things.


June 2, 2017



Last I saw, the comments at the end of this post (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12962386/Updated-Tree-trimmer-userscript) indicate that one of the people who worked on the script is aware of the problem and will work on it once he gets the Duolingo update. I don't know if any progress has been made since then, though.


I don't know if Tree Trimmer is still being worked on, but I found this alternate instead: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13681318

It doesn't allow you to isolate 1-bar, and 3-bar, from 4-bar skills, but it does automatically hide all golden skills.

It requires the "Stylish" extension (similar to how Tree Trimmer required TamperMonkey)--the links are all in the above link.


Oh, that sounds really neat!

Although, I've never had any of my skills go down. Perhaps because I tend to do a few new lessons followed by a few overall reviews followed by reviewing specific lessons I know I'm muddy on? In any case, I hope this plugin gets updated for the new site, because I'm sure I won't keep up as well once I'm further in :)

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