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Mobile/ PC version differences.

I notice there are lots of differences between duolingo mobile and duolingo on the computer. I am particularily interested in a feature on the mobile version that lets you master a skill, keeping it golden for up to 30 days. i cant find this on the computer. will both versions soon be the same? i hate the health system as i make many mistakes when learning new lessons, so i want to mostly learn on my laptop. However, i am very interested in these tests to keep a skill golden for a long time so i dont have to keep grinding "The man" and "an apple" while im actually learning complete sentences much further down my trees. Will the versions be combined? im also earning different types of currency on the separate versions and worried i might end up losing alot of currency.

June 2, 2017



To see what functionality is on which platform: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Mobile

On top of that there are various A/B tests. These are of new features that are only available to people in the test groups (and usually only on a particular platform). Gems/Health are an example of this.


I hope they don't add the heart system to the pc version.


If you mean Health... they have said they don't intend to bring Health/Gems to the web.

(Hearts is the old game mechanic which you can still see when testing out)

Anyway, here is the most recent quote I remember:

What about other platforms? Health and Gems are only available on iOS for now. We will be testing these mechanics on Android in the future. We do not currently have plans to bring this to Web.



I like the option for timed tests on the pc version. I don't like the health on the iOS version for regular lessons. I understand the business reason for it however.

[deactivated user]

    It's possible that the web could have that feature one day, but I think the apps will always be ahead, since that's where most of Duo's user base is, it also seems like monetization is easier for Duo on mobile because of Google Play and the App Store, so the apps do seem to receive the most attention.

    Luis has said that the web probably won't get gems anytime soon because they don't want to deal with card purchases on the platform yet.


    Is it possible that different language courses are treated differently on the same platform? Using the Android app. My trees are responding differently. On French currently having 1-3 skills to reguild. On Spanish it may be anywhere from 10-25!! Now I will admit that my french is better than Spanish but not that much! So I just don't stress about it. I do what I feel I can do that day. But it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

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