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Treppe - pronunciation


Is the 'r' in "treppe" pronounced like "gh", as in the way it is in "frau"? Or is it similar to the English 'r' ?

Thanks :)

June 2, 2017



Im not sure about the english r, but I'd say the r is pronounced like an r (german r) and it is exactly the same as in frau. Same stuff for Frau, r is r and not gh.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/47/De-Treppe.ogg Note: Personally I think the speaker pronounces the first e a bit to long, but the r should be easily heard and even with his "long e" its good understandable spoken.


Ok.. well.. but this is one of the videos that i watched though.. the first sound she talks about is what i meant by "gh":


And i wondered if it is the one in treppe.. cux on DL and other sites i can hear the r sound.. kind of the way it is in english.. unlike what they usually pronounce it as.. so got confused.

So then.. it is that one right?


Well, I watched the video and there are plenty of mistakes (notable stuff like ʁ for Regel, while this is a ʀ; IPA signs are terribly misused in this video in general - or not mentioning the ʀ at all). Also the entire category that she makes up for words like frei, Treffen, etc. sounds simply wrong. Frei and Regel use the same kind of R-sound (and well, at least the perosn who created the IPAs for wiktionary agrees with me, they use ʀ to describe that sound). Noneorless she got it right, that there are multiple R-sounds and some of them are "weaker". Most notable are words ending in -er but sounding similar to an "a". This is likely the most common pronounciation, yet you ,might sometimes encounter people that speak it as a er (with a normal german e and a hard r) - Wasser, Becher, Rechner etc..

So from my point of view, her first and second sound should be the same. The third sound is correctly described as a different sound. Yet there is a fourth sound (the real ʁ) and that is in words like wird. Here you have a "weaker" R than in Treppe (and its also not the "a-like" from -er endings).

Also it seems that the general r's in english and german are slightly different and I would not worry about that. To roll and rollen, if you speak rollen with your standard english r, everyone will understand it and you just have an accent. If you want to get rid of an accent, then yeah you might need to hear more german and train this, but there are plenty of other things to learn that are more helpful.

EDIT: When your plan is to become a spy, then you have to get rid of this accent! You will just burn your cover.


I agree with you, however it could be a regional thing. There are some "r" in southern dialects I've never heart here and I can't even pronounce. Maybe that explains the many different opinions in different sources.


You are right with this. Due the many dialects we have multiple pronounciations. Since you mentioned the southern dialects, they even use the ɹ in some austrian dialects (the same r as in english).


Thank you. I was just worried cux I thought people would have a hard time understanding me if i mispronounced words.. so i was really focusing on proper pronunciation.. but if it's ok, i guess it makes things a lot easier for me at my current level of learning. And yea with time perhaps I can work on these things.. and hope to make a decent "spy".

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