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Today, we officially launched Duolingo’s Japanese course for English speakers - Confusion/Question

There's a recent article written on Duolingo's 'make.duolingo.com' site titled:

'How we invented a new way to teach one of the most difficult languages to learn' by Masato Hagiwara.

It was written on Thursday, 18th May 2017 and the opening paragraph of the article states,

'Today, we officially launched Duolingo’s Japanese course for English speakers...'

I then go to the 'Language Courses for English Speakers' on the web application and see that the Japanese course is not live but in fact only currently at 68%.

Why is this the case if the course has been launched?

When Duolingo states that it has just launched something does this mean that the course is now officially under construction or is there another way to access the course that I'm not privy to?

I suspect that the answer could be within the aforementioned question but if anyone has any information about the 'Japanese course for English speakers' that I may not be aware of and could enlighten me, it would be much appreciated.


June 2, 2017



It was launched but for iOS ONLY!

and Android www.duolingo.com/comment/22873815


Thanks for the quick response! Just went to one of my iOS devices and I've found the course there.


Have fun learning Japanese!


Unless there is some post or comment that I haven't seen, all they have said is sometime this year for web users. The focus is to get it out on devices and things as fast as possible. I don't have the feeling they are in any rush to release it on the web. If anyone knows anything different let me know.


I would think the web developers are quite busy at the moment. Web rewrite etc.


I am still waiting for it on my Android , but to no avail (I am completely new to this language, but I am very curious about it, it seems everybody wants to study some Japanese lately, so I am eager to have a look at it too).


I can give you link to Genki books if you want.


Have fun learning!


Oh, thanks a lot!!! :-)


You're welcome


How long for the website to update for Japanese


Later this year.

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