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  5. "You do not drink water."

"You do not drink water."

Translation:Tu nu bei apă.

June 2, 2017



difference between beau and bei?


Eu beau. Tu bei. El/ea bea. Noi bem. Voi beți. Ei/ele beau.


In English as well please


I drink. You drink. He/she drinks. We drink. You drink. They drink

Standard verb declension


Eu beau = I drink Tu bei = You drink

In English verbs don't change depending on person, but in Romanian they do. Also can quit writing the pronoun before the verb. Hope you understand now ^^


Verbs do change according to person in English. What about I drink, you drink, he DRINKS, she DRINKS, we drink, they drink.


Whats the difference between tu bei and voi beti? Both mean you drink but when do you use each?


1) TU is singular - Tu bei is when you tell a single person to drink. VOI is plural - Voi beti is telling a group of people to drink.

2) TU is informal - Tu bei is when you tell you friend to drink. VOI is formal - Voi beti is when you tell your boss to drink.

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