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work out and learn new languages

hey guys, So i work out seven days a week for three hours in the morning. i found it useful that instead of listening to music in your native language, to listen to foreign languages movies or shows, also VOICE in their languages. That really works! lets get shredded and smart, i cal it shredded geeks :)

June 3, 2017



When I was in uni, I used the stationary bike and would put my Japanese textbook on the book holder and exercise while reading homework/notes and doing the listening exercises. :)

Edit: I don't recommend it for treadmills though. Too easy to lose track and lose footing.


thats smart, i would give it a try when doing cardio :)


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What do you listen to? Can you give suggestions?
Just a movie in the background I doubt it will do much if I can't understand almost anything anyway.
But maybe listening to Pimslur is a good choice.


I'm focusing on french right now, so i listen VOICE, some youtubers such as cyprien,educational videos like reflet1 and also cartoons. there are plenty of them on youtube, you can also download some songs on your phone and review them before going to the gym. it's killing two birds with one stone :)


Once I learn a little bit more Spanish I b will try it

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