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Just finished my first dual foreign language tree!

My sixth tree overall but my first one that was FROM and TO languages that are not native to me!

It was learning Italian from Spanish, and it was a challenge.

OK... I know someone is going to say it, Italian and Spanish are so similar that this is not a big accomplishment. And sure, there are some simple rules that allow you to translate many things between the two languages. But, one of the biggest challenges was to keep reminding myself that I had to understand what I was translating. In some cases that means stopping and thinking about the English translation for the exercises, and in other cases stopping to think about if I was being asked to translate FROM or TO Italian (it is easy to get tripped up :-) .)

So.. Now I have Italian from English, English from Italian, German from English, Spanish from English, English from Spanish and ITALIAN from SPANISH DONE!

It will take me several months of practice to get the three Spanish trees up to level 25 on each, so that is my next goal.

Just under 2 1/2 years on DUO and I have learned more than I ever dreamed possible. My prinicipal goal was always to learn ONE language pretty well and I picked Italian for that. Learning Spanish was just another stepping stone to give me more angles to come at Italian. As for study outside of Duo.. I do that in Italian and not in Spanish or German (Yet)

Whats next.... I think French :-)

Thanks DUO!

June 3, 2017



I would argue that doing two second languages that are similar would be much more difficult than two very different language. Because I can see myself accidentally typing or thinking in the wrong language a lot having to switch between such similar languages. Whereas if it was Arabic/Spanish, for example, it would be almost impossible to mix them up.


OH YES... I was just touching up my Italian tree.. and I keep typing donde instead of dove, ella instead of lei, es instead of e, etc. etc... it is fun to see my brain finally start to separate the two :-)


Well, if you don't build up the languages to a high level before learning them. You run the risk of mixing them up badly.




I must confess, every time I see someone with a couple of "Next level infinity XP" next to their handle, I am always impressed and amazed. So, congratulations!




well congrates

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