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Learning Romanian

I have started learning the language of Romanian, with some basic prior knowledge.

I am curious to know how long it would take to complete this course for someone with this knowledge.

Thanks! Mulțumesc!

June 3, 2017



Awesome, good luck, it sure is a great and beautiful language!


Thanks! Good luck to you too!


Hello. There are so many lessons here, it will take you at least a month to go through them. The vocabulary icons contain sometimes a few words, sometimes many. It is worth reading the grammar explanations before you actually start the tests. I also go back to reinforce older lessons that appear to be "fading" (the wrap-around bars around the icons start to turn gray). I find the course so enjoyable, that I have started slowing down because I am worried I will finish the course too quickly! Have a lingot on me!


Thanks very much for the help!

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I did 50-100 points on an average day (sometimes more), and would only move on to new lessons if I had all previous lessons at full health (gold). It took me about 3 months.


Multumesc! Thanks for the info! Good luck finishing your Romanian Tree!

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