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How long does it take for a language to "hatch"?

I was looking for a new course to start and i saw a language that i want to learn but it is still "hatching". How long does it take for a new language to "hatch"?

June 3, 2017



It varies wildly, from months to several years.

For example, Klingon entered the incubator back on April 9th, 2015; and Yiddish entered on February 19, 2015. I doubt either one will be done this year at the rate they're going.

On the other hand, Welsh spent less than 4 months in the incubator total. (10-08-15 to 01-26-16).


wow... that's fascinating that Welsh took such a short time. How did they do it so fast?


Danish for English speakers was the fastest. They took about 3 weeks.


Danish entered 6-4-14 and launched 8-25-14, (82 days) indeed, that was the fastest I can see from the list (for languages teaching to English speakers).

There were some quicker ones for other L1 users, for example, Spanish for Portuguese took only 27 days (2/10/14 to 3/9/14), and French for Spanish took 31 days (12/10/13 to 1/10/14).

The slowest (so far) was Romanian for English which took 979 days. (3/12/14 to 11/15/16).

But, back to Danish, speed doesn't mean poor quality. Of the trees I've finished, Danish one of the best. A lot of humor, a lot of words covered, good organization.

I think Danish had the advantage of being an easy language to teach to English speakers (few complex grammar issues), as well as the fact that so many native Danish speakers also are so fluent in English.

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