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That moment when you realize...

you lost your 668 day streak. Yep. That was me two days ago.
Have any of you lost a streak? Upvote if you did! (tell me how long!)

ademptae memoriae series (In memory of my lost streak) (Google Translate so please tell me if I'm wrong)

P.S. Why did I lose my streak? My streak freeze didn't sync. :(

Starting again!

June 3, 2017



I lost after almost a year (more than 300 days). I was traveling so much and just couldn't get to reliable internet in Mexico... or was it Argentina?


I've done about 3 two week trips in way different time zones so I get it! So sad for almost a year.


Once about 70 days because my phone wasn't logged in as me so I accidentally did an extra practice for one of my kids instead... and once about 5 days the next week because I was too tired to do the lesson and didn't have a streak freeze.


What a pitty? But I lost my 14 level in french descending to level 1 due to deletion mistake ! My precious night efforts came down. But,any how,I recovered from the shock and started raising again up to level 11 That compensation was over two weeks So,do not worry,you can compensate !


Yes I can! Thanks for the input. :0)


Sorry you lost your awesome streak, but you'd made it that far so that's pretty cool!

My longest was somewhere in the 90s I think. Not sure why I lost it, but probably got distracted that day.

It's interesting...I've been noticing that I find it far more likely for me to do a lesson and keep up my streak on my new phone than on my desktop. Whereas some days it's like pulling teeth to get myself to do a lesson at my desk, I recently realized I'd done around 20 lessons one day on my phone...hadn't even noticed. lol


Still haven't lost mine, but I'm using my streak freezes more and more because I can't tell time. LOL.


Have you tried setting a reminder?

I lost my streak freeze when my kid was born. It was nowhere near as impressive as yours, but it was motivating. (Hello from Ravelry!)


You know, I used to have it as a habit. Murder She Wrote comes on at 11pm, and I have my TV programmed to tune to that? Well since they decided to start Christmess on Halloween, I had to find other channels. I've also used it as a diversion from panic attacks at work but, school's out! I actually missed it tonight because I"m watching a movie that ended at 12:02am. Grrrrr. Then DL just gave me 114 lingots for keeping my streak. Too bad these aren't real money!


I used to make posters all over my room, but then I took them down. That was around 100-120? Good tip, thanks!

Awww, any streak is impressive! Don't know when you kid was born but congrats!


Yay! Nice! 1140!


I think betting against myself with the wager really helped in the beginning. Sort of like Candy Crush's free treats, you have to do it once a day. But again, time difference gets me there too. I'm glad there's a safety net on DL!


I lost a streak of only 23 days. Nothing compared to yours. So sorry about that!


23 is good! Thanks!


I lost my 1,000+ day streak while visiting my German mother-in-law! It hurts but it made my work harder on actual learning so it's whatever :/


:( It's all about learning!


So sorry to hear that you lost your streak.

I have lost my streak several times around the 200 day mark, every time while visiting countries whose languages I was studying. I have never accidentally lost a streak.

Once I hit the one year mark, I became more careful about maintaining my streak.


Thanks! Yep, that happens.


I lost my streak of 410 days about 400 days ago but It was good. It hurt the for the day but I was relieved that now I don't need to worry about the streak.


Raise above the silly streak nonsense. I've used Duolingo for 2 years straight and have missed only occasional days, I could have restored the streak but I said no. What counts in the end of the day is how much you've learned.


I just lost a 25 day streak because my studying wasn't done before 12 am. Not studying until 12 am always ends my streaks...


:( Now I see how such a high number is compared to my 2!


Enjoy the lingots, my night owl twin!

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