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  5. "I respect you dad!"

"I respect you dad!"

Translation:Shikamoo baba!

June 3, 2017



In swahili 'i respect you dad' means nakueshimu baba


But in English there is no equivalent greeting to Shikamoo. I believe Duolingo is trying(poorly) to express that shikamoo is a greeting of respect to elders.


Why is "marahaba baba" wrong if in the previous exercise it was translated as "I respect you?". I can't understand when use "marahaba" or when Shikamoo following the english translation....


Marahaba is I accept your respect, i believe.


It's a greeting for elderly people to show respect. But the correct direct translation for I respect you dad is NAKUHESHIMU BABA. AND SHIKAMO IS RESPECTFUL WAY OF SAYING How are you to your elders


The closest answer is samahani baba. Shikamoo is a greeting


I think that this is supposed to be a greeting. Samahani is more like sorry or excuse me, not necessarily respect.

There is actually no good translation for Shikamoo because it is not simply a greeting saying 'hello,' it is a sign of respect for elders. Which explains why this is saying "I respect you"


Nakuheshima baba is correct

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