"The hundredth is mine."

Translation:Al o sutălea este al meu.

June 3, 2017

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Why is th "o" required here again?


Think of it as a translation of the one hundredth is mine. In Romanian you cannot skip that one (the o).


OK, I see. So, would this be necessary with miilea, for instance, but not with any of the numbers less than one hundred?


Yes. The one thousandth would be al o mielea. The rule is quite general however. The o accounts for the fact it is one thousand. If it was the two thousandth it would be al două mielea.


Being trained as linguistic fortune tellers. By Duo.


It's a very bad couse. Many subjects together without previous explanaiton. Perhaps Duo expects us to guess the meanings


Since the subject of this sentence is masculine, why do we use "o" in front of sutalea instead of "un"?


Sută is femenin, then we use al because the speaker is a man or boy.(masculine) Am i right?


No, not the speaker but the hundredth thing you talk about is masculine. "A o suta este a mea" when the thing you talk about is feminine.


I wrote "a suta este a mea" and it didn't accept it.

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Duo gets it wrong again


Can somebody explain why in "Daniel il are pe al unsprezecelea" we are obligated to use "il" and "pe" but not here? And second - if we need to translate from english to romanian this sentens will be correct to say " a suta este a mea"


As to the first part of your question, the reason we need to use "li" and "pe" with "al unsprezecelea" in your example is that it is the direct object, representing a known human being. But here, "al o sutălea" is the subject, so that rule doesn't apply.

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