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Discuss Answer not working?..

... if there's no previous posts.

The browser attempts to open a new tab (this in itself is a new behaviour, until last week Discuss Answer popped up an overlay), but the tab quickly self-closes. It has been working OK for a week or so.

If there are previous comments, the new tab opens OK.

This issue leaves me unable to ask a question ~ not ideal in the Dative/Genitive section!

Anyone else experiencing this?

[Firefox browser in Linux]

June 3, 2017

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I noticed the same problem, and it's not specific to the Romanian course, but rather a general problem on the Duolingo website. I have reproduced the issue using: Firefox on Linux, Firefox on Windows 7, and Google Chrome on Windows 7 (basically all the systems I've tested). So I filed a bug report to Duolingo, and we'll see if they fix it...

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