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Bug Report - Daily Reward

I suggest that a bug has crept into the system ... today, after completing my daily goal, I was presented with the "claim reward" option, but clicking it returned a message saying I had already claimed a reward and could only claim one a day......

About 10 minutes later, exactly the same thing happened to my wife ....

What's broken Duolingo???

June 3, 2017



I just had the same experience. I doubt that it's reading my time zone wrong, since I haven't traveled anywhere recently, and it has been more than 24 hours since I've been on Duolingo.


It was working properly for a week on my iPad, but has now happened again for two consecutive days. A minor irritant, and hopefully Duolingo will get the bug out of the butter soon. (Edit: now three consecutive days!)


I had the same problem both yesterday and today after completing the first lesson. Maybe they've run out of gems? Just kidding, thanks for putting in the bug report.


For two days now I've completed my daily goal but when reward notice appears it says I've already claimed !!


Same here for the past 2 days now. The last time I could claim a reward was Friday, June 2.


Might be worth everyone putting in a bug report - Duo might just take notice then


Same problem. Today was the second day when I was told that I had already claimed the "reward" when I definitely had not done so!


Same here, happened today


Yep; problem is back. I've updated bug report - hoping they'll take notice now


Same trouble for me today. I put in a bug report.


I was having this "claim rewards, oh sorry you already claimed" error. Then it got better, now the error is back. I'm doing Italian on an iphone.


I'm having two recurring problems. The problem with Duolingo telling me I have already claimed my gems reward when I haven't and the problem of the disappearing bars. The "gems" probably was fixed for two days and now appears to be broken again. The problem of the disappearing bars still persists. Ugh!

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