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Tinycards- important upgrade needed I think

The graphic is nice both in Duolingo and Tinycards but for Tinycards to be really useful I need these improvements:

1) It shouild be possible to remove a flashcard from the deck if there is a word you think is not useful at all

2) It should be possible to tell the system whether this is a word I want to see again or not eg if i am able to recall the word very easily and I know by myself that I really remember the word well...it should be possible to tell the system whether I know the word really well or not so well …like anki software (which does not work very well I you as me) where you can instruct the system to put the word infront of your eyes soon or in a long time (if you know the word really well)

3) When you are in a deck and want to go back there is no back-botton which forces me to click the "Tinycards"-link in the top and then choose the rigth topic and deck afterwards...not very easy.

Please do tell me if the above is areally possible and I just haven´t found it myself? Thanks

June 3, 2017



As far as point 1, I believe you can already do that: go to the "cards" tab, look for the word, and click the eyeball icon right below the word.


Thanks for replying...no what I mean is getting rid of the card altogether...the feature with the eye just takes the card and hides it a bit...I want a feature to get word completely gone in that case that I know the word 100% sure and never want to see it again :-)

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