"El nu este un pastor, e un călugăr."

Translation:He is not a pastor, he is a monk.

June 3, 2017



The pronunciation in Romanian of the word "pastor" is wrong!

June 3, 2017


Călugăr = monk. Pastor and Priest are two different roles in the Bible. Today one man could be called by many names.

October 6, 2017


Calugar = monk not disputed. I am not a biblical scholar but I am aware of the significant challenges in translating the bible into English from its original mix of languages. Different attempts have resulted in different meanings. In any case my question stands as to what the Romanian term refers to (role description would be better than word)?

October 6, 2017


Pastor refers to a priest in a Reformed or Evangelical Church. Preot is the term used by Orthodox or Catholic priest

February 14, 2018


Why are both este and e used here? I know they are interchangeable but I thought it would make more sense to use the same form when they are in the same sentence?

March 9, 2018

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Romanian language has a rule that says not to repeat the same word in a sentence. If the sentence must use same word twice, usind "e" - the short form of "este" instead of the second "este" is better and more tolerable.

December 4, 2018
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