"El vine dinspre bucătărie."

Translation:He comes from the kitchen.

June 3, 2017

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When, specifically, would you use "dinspre" over "din”?

  1. "El vine din bucătărie" means that he comes from inside the kitchen.
  2. "El vine dinspre bucătărie" means that he comes from the direction of the kitchen.

I'm not sure if the translation "He comes from the kitchen" expresses this nuance clearly. I appreciate any input from a native English speaker.


As an American, I understand "He comes from the kitchen." to mean he comes from inside the kitchen. So in response to your question, I don't think the translation does express the nuance you describe.


So, "he comes out from the kitchen" is wrong, but "he comes from the kitchen" is correct - does this mean he has "kitchen roots"?


The answer was given above. Nice joke, anyway :)


"The wine is from the kitchen". I shouldn't have done the Spanish course before

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