"Do you prefer rice or bread?"

Translation:Preferisci il riso o il pane?

June 3, 2017



'The' rice or 'the' bread! AND why not 'oppure'?

June 3, 2017


Yes, food and several other categories (materials, fields of knowledge, etc.) take a definite article, despite being uncountable nouns.
Colloquially, preferisci riso o pane?  is also commonly heard, but it is not fully grammatical, so Duolingo should not accept it.

With regard to oppure , it would not be wrong to use it in this sentence, but since it is a much longer word than o, it is more often used when it joins longer clauses:

  • avevamo deciso di mangiare il riso oppure di usare il pane per preparare un antipasto = we had decided to eat rice, or to use bread for preparing a hors d'oeuvre

or when the conjunction requires some emphasis:

  • il pane oppure il riso, ma non entrambi = bread or rice, but not both
June 3, 2017


...So it should be accepted as answer. ...But I did the timed practice, so there's no way to go back and flag my response. Thanks, Duo.

June 10, 2017



October 25, 2018


The choice I was given was "preferisce",not "preferisci". Are we going to use the formale senza il "Lei"?

March 11, 2018


Oppure is also a conjunction that means OR. Would DL please accept the word oppure as OR?

August 2, 2018


Why not "preferisci del riso o del pane?" (Was trying not to translate as THE rice or THE bread...

June 15, 2017


Why is it preferisce and not the tu or voi form?

May 19, 2019


Odd, the translation at the very top of this comment page is 'Preferisci' but the example that we had for that on the test selection has spinach and bread - and tod me i should have chosen Preferisce so they do not agree

August 15, 2019


Can't report as I then used preferisce which is marked right

August 15, 2019


Preferisci con i e non con e quando è tu

October 30, 2017
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