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Why does this sentence use 'wirst' instead of 'würdest'?

  1. I wrote the sentence "Ich hoffe darauf, dass du mich besuchen würdest," and it was marked wrong because it should be wirst instead of würdest. Why is it wirst instead of würdest?

  2. If a person has $1965, would he say:

  3. "Ich habe neunzehnhundertfünfundsechszig," or "Ich habe **(ein)tausendneunzehnhundertfünfundsechszig,"?

  4. What is the difference between die Gemeinde and die Gemeinschaft?

  5. What is the suitable translation for 'under one condition'?


June 3, 2017



-1. "würdest" is Konjunktiv II, which means you're talking about a hypothetical but unrealistic situation. Something like, I hope you would visit me (If you had the ability, which you do not)

-2. The format "xx hundert xx" is mostly used for years. Otherwise, use "x tausend x hundert xx". I think this is the same for British English, while American English often uses "xx hundred xx" for all kinds of figures.

-4. die Gemeinde and die Gemeinschaft can both mean community, but Gemeinde is mostly used for religious communities or small villages, while Gemeinschaft can be any collective of people in a workplace, living area, family etc. Gemeinschaft can also mean "togetherness"

-5. Unter einer Bedingung


$1965 are eintausendneunhundertfünfundsechzig Dollar and under one condition would be unter einer Bedingung, I suppose.


2+3. neunzehnhundertfünfundsechszig, eintausendneunhundertfünfundsechszig and tausendneunhundertfünfdunsechszig, all these are in use.

Rets is covered by other users.


Just on your first point (because the others are really well covered), and to add to what Paralars1 has said; I struggle to imagine where your original sentence could be used. Certainly in English, I don't believe that "I hope" is ever followed by the subjunctive, and furthermore is often followed by some construction of the future tense; so "I hope that you will visit me." is definitely the more natural sentence for me.

Trying to keep the subjunctive in your sentence, in English I would say something like "I (had) hoped that you would visit me." which does not translate to your original sentence, but rather something like „Ich habe/hatte (darauf) gehofft, dass du mich besuchen würdest“.

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