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What is coming next on Duolingo??

So many features were deleted to make room for the "new features". Does anybody know what they are and when they might come out?

June 3, 2017



On the web? Well they said new communication tools (including a forum rewrite). Features to support Japanese are coming to the web, at some point.

There is also something called Stories, but we have no details on it. I would expect it on the apps (not web) though.


Really? What's it going to be like?


What is what going to be like?

Communication tools? They haven't told us. It could be a full messaging platform or it could be like Clubs. Or anything in-between. Only they know.

Japanese? Much like the app I assume.

Stories? I only know what is in the AMA, and there is a job advert for a writer. I imagine it will be something like Bots - though in the third person - but that is just a guess. Edit: or if it is about comprehension, then it might be a read (or listen to) this passage - now answer some questions about it. But this is another guess.


I don't know what's coming, and Duolingo hasn't said much. I can guarantee that whatever it is, at least some folks (possibly including me) won't like it.

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