"Lei ha il doppio dei libri di lui."

Translation:She has twice as many books as him.

March 4, 2013

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The English translation for this sentence actually uses improper English grammar. It should be "She has twice as many books as he" (does). The way they have it is very colloquial, though. Only grammar nerds would notice the mistake, I think.


Very common in UK English to say "...as he does." But in American English to say "...as him."


It may be common American English, but it is not correct grammar. Failed the exercise because of their mistake! Grrrr! :(


Can I move to England, then?
.. grammar nerd trapped in US..


me too! I only got it right because I assumed they would have it wrong!


Then you can be flummoxed by constructs like "try and do x" instead. ;)


Of course you can. You live in America, after all.


I noticed and I don't consider myself a gramma nerd. It does accept both answers.


I am a grammar nerd, born of a grammar nazi, but I like to keep my hearts...so I go colloquial. ♡


Saying "as he" would just mark you as pedantic. Idiomatic colloquial English uses "him".


I love that learning another language helps me learn my own better! : )


To be really correct, you would say as "he." Nominative case is understood after "as." It really means "as he has" or "as he does" even when the verb is omitted. In spoken English we often do say "him." If someone uses "he" in this case, it should absolutely not be considered incorrect.


Guess I'm old school, but I think that , at the very least, we should get credit for the correct grammar. Maybe give credit for "than him" also, but it's a shame to mark the truly correct answer as incorrect. Some of us actually say "than I" in this case. Call it pedantic, if you will.


Still incorrect to say "as him" I think we should learn the correct way as first choice.


Why does "She has twice the NUMBER of books that he has." is wrong?


Because "number" isn't expressed in the Italian.


I agree with you - your phrase should be acceptable.


How do you say "She has as many book as him"?


There are several ways to say it.

"Lei ha tanti libri quanto lui"

"Lei ha altrettanti libri di lui"

"Lei ha lo stesso numero di libri di lui"

"Lei e lui hanno altrettanti libri"

The "AS something AS" translates in "TANTO qualcosa QUANTO", but is less used than in English.

For example... As fast as possible -> il più veloce possibile

As soon as possible -> il prima possibile, appena posso/puoi/ecc...

I am as old as you -> Siamo coetanei/e

I hope I was clear. :) If you have some other specific cases in mind, please ask!


Thanks. Tanto....quanto... Is easy to remember!


... sometimes only "Tanto" or solo "quanto"...

I am as tall as you -> Sono alto quanto te, Sono alto come te

I have as many friends as you -> Ho tanti amici quanto te

(Ok, tanto quanto, tanti quanto works with "as much as" and tanti quanti with "as many as")

Sorry for the mess! That's a difficult topic and I didn't check a grammar, maybe I should next time XD


It's no mess. It is very helpful. It seems from your examples that ... as many .... as .... is ...tanto ... quanto... but plain ... as .... as ... is just ".... .... quanto ..."


You will soon be more fluent than me. :)


Can 'cosi...come' act in the same way as 'tanto...quanto'?

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Have a Lingot! That's very helpful Marziotta.


Do you mean "try to do?"

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