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90 Day Challenge, anyone?

I've always said that Duolingo is a wonderful SUPPLEMENT for language-learning, and that it should not be used on its own. I've known people who learn languages just using Duolingo and you can only learn so much from it after completing the courses offered. But... How much can you learn? I've completed the French tree and Portuguese tree, but I can't go based off of those because I knew more French and Portuguese than what was offered. I really wanted to try learning a language from scratch, so I chose Polish.

My grandmother is Polish but born in the U.S. Her family used to speak the language at home but she hasn't used it in years. My family says that she still knows it, so I wanted to surprise her by speaking some Polish! Also, I've just had a genuine interest in learning it for a while.

I'm giving myself a 3 month deadline because I know I'm going to get busy and I want to give myself motivation to study as much as possible. I may not finish the tree within that time. I started learning on May 29th.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to join me in this challenge? Yes, I already got a head start and should have posted this before, but I thought it would make the challenge more motivating if I had people join me! Also, it would be nice to see how much others can learn in 3 months only using Duolingo, especially if they study a different language.

I'll only be using Duolingo so that means no forvo, italki, YouTube videos, other people, etc. JUST DUOLINGO.

If anyone is interested, I'll be documenting my progress throughout the three months, not necessarily every week, every once in a while. ^_^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Umutw4JMQw=z12zer2bxza2zzich23zypkgroreybzky

Anyone interested in doing it with me and supporting each other? (:

June 3, 2017


[deactivated user]

    It's a great idea and I wish you good luck! I'm learning Norwegian, but to be honest I don't think I would get very far if I used Duolingo alone. I supplement this with the Memrise Duolingo course, Clozemaster and the Norwegian in Three Months coursebook (so old, but still good). I mainly do this because I think the SRS algorithm used here is not great and I really need more exposure to the vocab. Perhaps after I have completed this tree I will start another and only use Duolingo to see how far I can get :)


    The Norwegian tree is really good though - it has 500 lessons and 100 topics! Others have 300-400 ish lessons and 40-80 ish topics.

    [deactivated user]

      I totally agree with you, I have actually completed two trees in the past, German and Spanish. They were also good, but the Norwegian one is the best so far. I just like to drill in vocab and I have found with the later Norwegian lessons that I need a bit of extra help :)


      I agree! I'm not sure how far I'll get but I'm excited to see what happens at the end of the challenge. If you do decide to see how far you can get using only Duolingo, let me know (: I'd be interested in hearing about your experience!


      I have been learning Spanish for a while I have started Gaelic and have wanted to do Ukrainian for a while but I then forget all the time.so I will join this


      Hi there !!! I am learning Spanish & I think it's a wonderful idea to keep someone motivated :) Good luck with your challenge !!!!!


      Would you like to join then? (: I'm thinking about either doing updates on the forum, creating a Facebook group, or creating a YouTube channel just for this so that we could post videos!


      Hey i am down to do this with you. I started German myself a couple days ago for kind of the same reasons (my mom side is from Germany). Well anyways let me know i got facebook tho i dont use it much anymore, or even whatsapp. Okay bye!


      Hey, glad you're interested in joining! I think we're going to be doing updates through the Duolingo forum! That's exciting that you're learning for family; it can be really motivating!


      Ok...... ill try it


      Great! Which language will you be doing it with? Also, would you prefer doing updates on the forum, through a Facebook group, or by posting videos to YouTube? I was thinking of creating a channel for this group so we can all post our progress there! Let me know what you think (:


      I'm in! Learning Russian and hoping to be fluent by the end of summer....


      Summer 2019?


      Actually, by the end of this summer... I learn online and offline. Offline, I learn from my family. Online, I learn from here. I've made quite a bit of progress both online and offline, more offline than online to be honest.


      Do you realise that it takes about 1300 classroom hours to get fluent in Russian? :)


      It all depends on how fast the person wants to learn, and since it's summer, I spend up to three (maybe even four) hours a day learning the language.


      Also, I know people who became fluent in just under a month because of the exposure they have to the language.


      Woo! Great! I'm asking everyone who's in if they prefer keeping each other updated through the forum, a Facebook group, or YouTube (I'd make a channel for our group and we can post videos of our progress to it). Let me know what you'd prefer (:


      I'll keep you guys updated through here!


      Ok great! Can't wait to hear about your progress!


      Thanks/Kiitos/Спасибо!/Merci/Grazie! Same goes to you!


      Best of luck to you!

      I watched your video. Are you planning to do this mostly on the app? That would seem to stack the deck against poor Duo (and that on top of sticking the poor little owl with seemingly your first Slavic language, no small feat to be sure, probably closer in subjective difficulty to the Korean you mentioned studying than your experience of late with Romance languages)!


      Thank you very much! ^_^

      I plan on only using the app for the duration of this challenge. I would like to study Polish even more after the challenge, but I would definitely use other resources in addition to Duolingo. I love Duolingo as a supplement and would never want to give it a bad name! I especially love the fact that we have a lot of options now and it's all free (: I thought a lot about choosing an easier language for this challenge (or one that isn't so different from the languages that I speak) but I wouldn't be very motivated since it wouldn't be one that I really want to learn. = I'm doing this for fun but was genuinely curious to see how much I could learn from just the app!


      The Polish angle does make this endeavor unique!

      I myself and others I've chatted with in the forums have experienced great results with Romance and Germanic languages using Duolingo as the core learning resource, but it's certainly safe to say the progress in the Slavic realm can be more muted.

      But, as you point out, such considerations are really neither here nor there. It makes the most sense to do what you're motivated to do because that's what makes the difference! Best of luck once again!


      Thank you so much! Perhaps I'll try this challenge again in the future with a Germanic language (:


      Hi Angela, what is wrong using also the DuoLingo web portal interface for some reviews / strengthening?

      You probably know that the Android app does NOT even play Polish audio, if you have given Polish answers on the right side (translated from English sentences).

      I guess I remember better if hear additionally the listening audio part of a read sentence.
      If you install the web user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" by Camilo you could even auto-play L2 Polish audio, if you do English-Polish translations and give the answers on the right side.
      If you gave wrong answers, the script plays the correct answer solution from the bottom - great!

      So this script even works for normal/forward DuoLingo courses - you just have to turn the audio option ON in the script settings button (top right in the tree).

      I could not live without this user script and the DuoLingo web interface for my Portuguese course.
      The DuoLingo (Android) app is way easier with all those many tapping word bricks and activated multiple-choice excercises.

      I also do Mondly on the web, which uses the same beginner concept, so I know how it feels, besides using the DuoLingo Android app (on Bluestacks@Windows PC) from time to time to learn NEW lessons.

      I guess you can learn very much (more) by (strict) typing and doing all those (minor or bigger) mistakes - including grammar - a beginner usually does, who has to learn a language from scratch.

      This may provide the DuoLingo web (more or less compared to Memrise L2 Polish "all typing" reviews and activated accent auto-correction in the text box where you type the sentence), not the DuoLigo mobile apps!

      You at least have to raise the difficulty level from time to time to push you even further, don't you? -)


      Hi! Great idea! Maybe I'll join you with Hungarian. Because there's no much books for Hungarian so I'm using mainly Duolingo. Unfortunately I could not join any facebook group because I don't have facebook account ;) And your Polish pronunciation is really good ;) I've watched your video on yt :) (I'm Polish native speaker :) )


      Perhaps we can keep each other updated on this discussion or I can post a new one every once in a while! Thank you very much for the compliment (: I felt like my pronunciation was bad but I hope to get better! You definitely lifted my spirits (:


      I with my friends have tried to learn some Polish words Germans who came to us for a school exchange. And believe me, your pronunciation was better :)

      After the challenge if you want some help in Polish I can help you :)

      And I have a off topic question to you: is it possible to learn Portugese and Spanish and don't get mad? Because I've tried it once and after a few weeks I didn't know which word is Spanish and which Portugese. But I would like to come back to learning Portugese.


      Thank you! I would love some help and I do have some questions about Polish that I would love to ask you after the challenge (: I can also help you in anything related to Spanish and Portuguese, as I have studied and can speak both. I'm fluent in Spanish and my Portuguese is conversational, so I can help you with talking about differences in words if you'd like ^_^


      I am itching to try something like this. Excited to see the result!


      After a while Duolingo only gets too boring. There isn't enough material to study, so you end up getting the same sentences over and over again. Sometimes even multiple times in one session.


      That's true but in my case, since I'm only using the app, it can be useful for reinforcing certain vocabulary and grammatical structures seen in the repeated sentences (:


      Good luck with Polish! Your grandma definitely will be happy to hear it, no matter how butchered your Polish will be :) Don't expect to be able to hold a conversation after finishing it, Polish is hard for native English speakers after all.


      Thank you! I don't have super high expectations for myself since it's mostly basic knowledge! I'm just hoping she understands me when I say something like, "I want water." haha It's been a long time since she's used it though, so hopefully she hasn't forgotten!


      I'd join you but I'm already studying four languages concurrently and I know somewhat of too many language on Duolingo already.


      Aww that's a shame but still really cool! Good luck with your language studies (:


      Powodzenia :) I think polish is one of the hardest languages, even for me ;) ( I am polish :D) My husband is always asking: why it's like this, or like this and I dont know how to answer so finally he went on course :D



      I noticed that (like in that picture you sent me) there are many ways to say one thing and that has been the most confusing thing for me so far! Does your husband like the course?


      Yes he like. He started on January and in six months he is speaking really good. Also he has ability to learn languages so fast.


      i will tell how far i am on my 90th day

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