Hi, um....hola

Hi I was wondering if any one who has started this program in the last 2 days or so would like to post back and forth as we learn. I guess you could say I am looking for a study partner.

I and my Spanish would greatly appreciate it!!

Sincerely Pam

1 year ago


yo soy un hablador nativo de español pero talvez no te podré ayudar porque soy un niño, i am a native spanish speaker but i maybe can't help you because i am a kid

1 year ago

Why wouldn't you....we might be able to help one writing first in our native language, then in the language we are learning? Age doesn't matter when we are learning something new. But maybe you might want to okay it with your parents first? I used a translater on this first one, but from here on I will use what I have learned.

Por qué no ... podríamos ayudarnos unos a otros ... escribiendo primero en nuestro idioma nativo, luego en el idioma que estamos aprendiendo? La edad no importa cuando estamos aprendiendo algo nuevo. Pero quizás deberías estar bien con tus padres primero? Utilicé un traductor en este primero, pero de aquí en adelante voy a utilizar lo que he aprendido.

1 year ago
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