"Scorul a fost doi la unu."

Translation:The score was two to one.

June 3, 2017

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Wouldn't you say "the score was two to one”?


That seems to be the main translation. What else did you see that didn't seem correct?


Well, either it has been changed since this morning or I had a blip. Thanks anyway!


"The score has been 2 to 1" would imply the game is still going on. "The score was two to one" doesn't give that same opportunity unless follwed by "last i knew" or something like that. I think that sentence could be translated correctly either way, but there is a difference between "has been" and "was".


When would you ever say "The score has been two to one" in English?? Even if the game was ongoing, you would say "the score is two to one" or "the score was two to one last time I looked" (or similar).


The score was two - one.

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