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Can you donate to Duolingo?

It seems as if the Duolingo staff are beginning to need money with all the ads now and gems on iOS. Is here a way to just donate money directly to Duolingo?

June 3, 2017



Why would you donate to a for-profit business? Nickels and dimes aren't going to help them.


It's a not profit business, but they have to pay the employees. Money has to come from somewhere.


No, it's not non-profit. It's very much for-profit. Duolingo isn't a 501c3.


It's not a donation, but you can pay for an ad free version of the app. I do this to contribute. It's 10 dollars a month.


I only use the PC/Mac version.


Ah, well, if you want to donate and have a smart phone, install the app and sign up if you want to donate. There is no way to give them money on the web format. I only use the app for Japanese as it's app only for now, but even when Japanese comes to the web, I will carry on with it.


I quite agree with you. I don't want to sign up to the plus version, but I feel I am getting something for nothing, at someone else's expense, which doesn't sit well with me. I would like to make a small contribution from time to time, just to salve my conscience.

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