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  5. "The twelfth eats meat."

"The twelfth eats meat."

Translation:Al doisprezecelea mănâncă carne.

June 3, 2017



Can you also use "a" instead of "al"?


Yes. We don't have enough context here, but if the twelfth was a female gender thing, we would say a doisprezecea or a douăsprezecea.


What about "douăsprezecelea"? Is it completely wrong?


Douăsprezece indicates something female gendered (as opposed to doisprezece) but the ending of celea instead of cea indicates something maleish.

For male gender al doisprezecelea should be correct logically while a douăsprezecea should be for female gender. But because douăsprezece(a) generally isn't used as much by everyone, a doisprezecea is accepted for the female gender. The opposite did not happen, no one used douăsprezece(lea) for male things for it to become accepted.

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