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Gonna be more active now

Summer is officially here which means getting ready for french 2 honors the perfect excuse to keep a Duolingo streak up all summer any other tips on how to practice french over the summer? ^_^( for those of you wondering I got a 90% on my french finals)

June 3, 2017



Here is a link from my blog filled with resources, links and tips to practice and study French:


Good luck with keeping up a Duolingo streak everyday- it will be so rewarding. Good luck and have a great summer.


Good luck! There are many resources on the "Duolingo Wiki" for grammar, pronunciation, etc. help!


Bon travail on your test!


Great Job on your French finals!
I normally average around 86% on my Spanish exams, so i'm impressed!

As for tips, I recommend signing up for this website ConversationExchange in order to be able to practice French with a native speaker. That'll surely keep French fresh in your mind :)

Have you tried listening to French music, or watching Videos / movies in French?


Thank you an 86 is impressive as well:)


That's the spirit! Congratulations on 90%, that is impressive! Seems like you're off to a good start on the streak :D

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