"Punându-mi mâinile în cap, am început să plâng."

Translation:Putting my hands on my head, I started to cry.

June 3, 2017

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Can someone please explain the difference between "punându" and "punând", and on the previous sentence, "făcându" and "făcând". Is the first one the gerund and the second one the participle? I am very confused and there don't seem to be any explanatory notes for this section yet.


As I understand it - and I am not a native speaker, but a learner like you - a 'u' is added when a pronoun is used or when the verb is reflexive. So, 'buying them' would be 'cumparandu-le' or 'cumparandu-i' and 'reading it' would be 'citindu-l' (e.g. newspaper) or 'citind-o' (e.g. book) and 'washing themselves' would be spalandu-se' and 'imagining' would be 'imaginandu-si'. The exception, as you see, is the feminine 'o', where no 'u' is required.


Thank you Rosie. If it is purely an aid to diction then that makes perfect sense. Have a lingot!


this is how i feel trying to put these gerund sentences into fluent english


This one sounds like I began to cry because I was arrested.


Shouldn't it be ”mâinile pe cap..." if it is ”hands on head"


Welp, what you say makes sense, but the way we say it is în cap.


Thanks, razvan, that's helpful. Problem is, we wouldn't say 'putting my hands on my head' either, in this situation. We'd say, 'putting my head in my hands'!

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