"I-aș cumpăra acest ceas de mână tatălui meu."

Translation:I would buy this wristwatch for my father.

June 3, 2017

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"I would buy this wristwatch for my father."


I'm doing a strengthening exercise, and I've gotten this sentence three times. They always give me the Romanian, and have me translate to English.

Which does make things easy.


Four. Also gotten the one that translates as "She would buy a lot of clothes" at least three.


------- romania's economy is driven by sales of wristwatches and clothes . . .

Big 26 apr 19


Why is this not "...pe acest ceas..." or simply "As cumpara acest ceas..."?


If you ask about the "i-" in front, it is because it is "for my father", which in Romanian requires the dative case, for whom?, tatălui meu, and the extra "îi" (lui îi, to him) to determine the subject. Linked to another word that starts with a vowel, it contracts to "i-".


This sentence does not really work in English as a stand alone statement. In English it would normally be followed by a qualifying follow up such as "I would buy this wristwatch for my father IF I had enough money" or " I would buy this wristwatch for my father BUT he probably wouldn't wear it"


Why not "of my father"?

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