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I know this isn't a post pertaining to any specific language, question or problem but I know Duolingo, the mods and admin most likely need reassuring at this point, due to all the comment and complaints about everything they do. So please just take the time to leave a nice comment and especially hit the thumbs up button to show Duolingo we all really do care, though might not agree all the time. See how many thumbs up we can give them. The StickyDuolingo Wiki & FAQ (unofficial, but still amazing), discussion has 3989 thumbs up. I am kind of eager to see if we can beat that.

June 3, 2017


I'm sorry but duo is AB testing limiting my voting so I can't waste a vote.

Huh, you actually took my advice.

To everyone else out there, this was JackMartian's original comment, a reply to HarryKnight456:

Nobody needs firing. Remember what you just said? "Free forever." You should be happy it's at least free. Would you rather pay for the app? Duolingo doesn't have to do this, but they do...for us. They do it for us so we can have a good education. I'm sure a lot of the admins, or most for that matter, would love to earn the money from us, but they do this with a good heart to keep it free for all of us. Sure, people with have their disagreements and opinions, but no matter what, Duolingo is just trying to what's best for us and our education. Teaching methods don't work for everybody that's for sure. Different methods for different people. However, the admins will forever keep on updating the site from our comments and to our liking. No offense, but you guys need to suck it up and at least try this stuff before complaining...and if you can't, you should just leave instead of making the creators feel bad for trying to help you, and pouring all your hatred on them.


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