"Când se luminează mâine?"

Translation:When is it lighting up tomorrow?

June 3, 2017

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Not lighting up! Getting light, please.


"When does it get light tomorrow?"


The offered translation is unintentionally the opposite of what is intended in colloquial English. "Lighting up time" is the time when the street lights come on, ie the time when it is getting dark. Hence "What time does it get light ..." would convey the intended meaning better. This course must have taken a lot of work to set up. Thank you for that and please don't be put off by suggestions to change parts of it. :-)


This whole section has very unnatural, incomprehensible English. Please can someone review it please? I have to keep writing nonsense in order to get the right answer - it is frustrating.


What time is daybreak tomorrow?


Motanu11: I believe that's: "La ce oră este ziua de mâine?"

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