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Skills decaying far to suddenly and quickly

Ive started using duolingo for the past few weeks, and up until the last week, I'd have maybe 4 or 5 skills degrade each day. that's no problem. But over the last week, the number increases every day, drastically. they expect me to strengthen 28 skills today. I dont care if they believe this practice is needed. I have 1.5 hours per day I can spend learning german right now, and I now have no time to use other resources to learn. I type very fast, and can get through a full strengthening round in 3 minutes. Now do the math and figure out strengthening alone would take me 1 hour and 24 minutes. I've done some of them 4 times in the last week, and now I'm certainly at the point where I get 0-2 wrong, and dont look at any of the hints. I dont know if this is a bug, or intentional, but either way, it's causing by fluency to go DOWN, even though I'm doing at least double the amount of daily practice I did 10 days ago, and it's absolutely ridiculous.

June 4, 2017



I hear you! My English to Spanish course stays gold with little effort, but my Spanish to English has 10-15 skills that need strengthening every day! It is the same language. While the reverse course is a little harder (more L1 to L2 translations), I'm making few errors to warrant that. It is gotten so I dread using Duolingo now.


In my experience the rate of decay will drop eventually. In the meantime my free advice is decide how many new lesson you want to do daily in either time or number of lessons. Do them first then start at the top and strengthen anything not gold. Slowly the decay rate will fall on the earliest stuff and you will get further into the tree. The only thing that will happen with the lessons you don't get to immediately is when you do get back to them they will probably need to be done multiple times to get back to gold. I've frequently had to do one skill four times in a row. Also, whenever I strengthen a skill to gold I immediately do it an extra time I lack any proof that it helps but I think it does and doing it right away means I'm still thinking about the grammar I need so it's really fast


I'm going to cap my experience at 200 per day. Given the fact that the largest daily goal you can set is 50 exp/day and is called "insane", I think anything beyond 4 times that would be relatively unreasonable. My fiance is german, so I get enough practice to learn 2 new skills per day without too much loss of retention. Its gotten to the point where I'm not even thinking about the translations; I just have the translations memorized because I've done them so many times. Doing them at that point isn't the slightest bit helpful, and the devs need to realize this.


Good idea I'd rate a minute talking to a native German as equivalent to at least ten minutes on duo or any app.


Absolutely agree, I do a couple of hours or more a day on my Danish course, and it is now impossible for me to strengthen all my skills with the decay rate as it is now. I also use Babbel, which I shall be using a lot more.


If you know you know a skill well, congrats! You've learned something and learned it well; that's worth appreciating! Now just go the next step and act on that real world, actual knowledge over random pixels being turned colors by an algorithm gone awry and let the silly skills turn whatever color they feel like while not letting them affect your piece of mind or altering your choice to practice what YOU think needs practicing!


Totally agree, skills decay way too fast. Currently I have to repeat 10 or more skills per day to keep them all at 5 bars. Who has time for this? Sometimes a skill decays even twice a day, that's no fun at all.

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