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Does iOS have the paid commercial free option that is on Android?

I'm curious if it does if it has health?

June 4, 2017



Yes, I just saw an option to buy one ad-free month on iOS. And it has Health and Gems too.


iOS is currently the only platform with health I'm just wondering if you are still stuck with health if you are paying so we need someone who had health and went to ad free to give us an answer or a moderator or admin although in my experience they don't tell the moderators


Luis mentioned the possibility that the Pro subscription might come with an allowance of Gems in the future. This sounds like Pro does not remove Health.


The ads are not intrusive in my opinion, so I have no immediate plans to go ad free. I might later just to help support Duolingo. However, I doubt that going ad free will remove the Health feature based on the descriptions I've seen.


The ads don't bother me either but I will quit if health comes on line on my Android although technically it won't matter because I finished both trees I had as my goal so there is no new content. Maybe I should just rush through the Spanish I'm doing as an extra


The Health feature doesn't bother me either. I'm not entirely sure why so many people are upset about it. In any case, I generally prefer using the website but Japanese is only available on mobile for now.


I know how many simple errors I make between spelling, autocorrect, and not knowing the new vocabulary and health will stop me from spending 20 minutes on a new skill. The website is awkward on my phone screen and I don't have a PC


If you don't like the adds on the iPad app, try this free app from the iStore.

<pre> iCareFone </pre>

It works for all apps I have tried it on and all my browsers.

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