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Duolingo flashcard phone app

I love my flashcards that I have on my phone, but I hate the idea that it is separate from everything I'm using and have to add into it manually.

It'd be AWESOME, especially since Duolingo already knows what words I struggle with, if Duolingo can make an app that syncs with my account here and have flashcards repeat according to word weaknesses, much like Anki.

March 4, 2013



I would like it too but in the same app.


i would also appreciate the same app!


Yes, I would love to have spaced repetition vocabulary notecards built in to Duolingo. However, with the announced changes to the skill tree it will essentially be an implementation of spaced repetition for all of the lessons. I think going through the lessons is more fun than flipping notecards and it allows you to see the word used in context.

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