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How do you like the Japanese Tree so far? Any tips or suggestions for further study?

I just started the Japanese tree today. It's been good practice to test the kana that I started learning a couple months ago. I'm curious about how others are doing and what additional resources you suggest. So far, I've used some books and youtube videos. Thanks!

June 4, 2017



Tried Japanese film/television with subtitles or listening to Japanese music? Immersing yourself in native pronunciation helps too.

Especially, since I find the speaking and listening exercises rather lacking in this course compared to the others. Although that may be something they're still working on.


Arigato! I should have mentioned that I have watched a lot of Japanese film and television. That's helped a lot with the beginning vocabulary in the first few lessons as I don't need the hints as much. I've not listened to much Japanese music other than the soundtrack to a Ghibli movie. Do you have any suggestions of music that you enjoy?


Sorry, not much specifically at the moment. My recommendation for Music and language learning is largely based on my experiences with Italian. I'm moving to Japan soon so full immersion may help. When I stay with a Japanese family visiting there, they often have Japanese news or "variety" shows on in the background. They're fairly popular too. My Japanese was terrible last time I visited so I didn't understand much but Japanese TV often gives stylised subtitles so you will see that Kana and Kanji corresponding to what is being said. You can follow some of it from body language and reading Kana.


How am I doing? I am just checking Google Play Store several times a day and still there is no update for me...


you don't have to wait anymore https://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/6f6hqh/android_japanese_apk/ read the thread for instructions if you've never done an APK install before


Japanese works out of the box in the regular version for me, without messing with an APK install.

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