June 4, 2017

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Is it intentional that "roku" sounds like "doku"?


In Japanese, the "R" sound is different from the "R" you hear in English. Oddly enough, plenty of languages developed their own R's

Best way I can describe the Japanese R is remember where your tongue is when you pronounce D, but try to make an R.


Yeah, as I learned, it is more of an L-D-R sound. If you try to form with your mouth/tongue as a native English speaker, you will sound authentic to a native Japanese speaker of standard Japanese.


I'm a Spanish native speaker, I don't get that "r" sound, I hear "g" and the "u" sound is like a schwa for me. I hear "goku"


I could recommend this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU34Rw-hF64

There's a part there that explains how to pronounce the "r" sound correctly, among other things.


R,L sounds similar in Japanese it's not doku u misheard that word


Did roku the company use the japanese number six as their name ?


Yes, actually. According to Wikipedia: Roku was founded in October 2002...by Anthony Wood. Roku (六) means "six" in the Japanese language, to represent Roku is the sixth company Wood started.


"Six and drugs and ROKU and roll!" (How I remember it ;) )


Ooo God! ROKU? Reminded me of Avatar roku


In my opinion, the R sound in Japanese sounds like you would the L sound in Englishbut then you roll your tongue to make a R sound. The Japanese use their R sounds when wanting to pronounce any L sounds in English.


Out of all the things I've learned from Japanese as a kid, why is it that numbers are some of the only things I can remember?


I remember roku because its the name of a T.V. Brand


Completely off topic but if anybody starting off id reccomend this video- https://youtu.be/8YV8KmfBbBM it goes into the structure of the sentences and how to pronounce the R sound.


Ive been typing roku, Roku, ro ku and what ever but literally nothing is being accepted... Why? What am I doing wrong?


Duolingo does not accept romaji answers,
Romaji is a system mainly used to help foreigners pronounce Japanese words who are unable to read Japanese characters, it is not used in actual Japanese. These early skills are for teaching you hiragana, so hiragana is desired. ろく, though kanji is also accepted 六


I was thinking that, but there was a time when I wrote it as romaji and it said I got it right so that's why I was confused


It will tell you when to write it in english. At least that is my experience.


How I type six in my keyboard

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