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What happened to hindi??

You know guys Hindi is long in incubator and and almost no news at all about it. Once they had 5 contributor and now there is only one. Does someone have any idea what's happening there?

June 4, 2017



Disclaimer: These are just rumors from Duo's Reddit

I heard that the only current contributor Jitengore kicked out the others and doesn't let anyone in, even though there are lots of people willing to help, because he thinks that he can make the course all alone.

But I do hope it isn't so and we'll see progress soon


Assuming it's actually Luis writing as himself on Reddit, and I think he has been using that account in the past, they're planning to do something about the Hindi course within the next few days: https://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/6eri9e/duolingos_priorities/


How can there be an Indian flag between all your other flags (if you look at your own comment you can see the flags) while you can't learn Hindi yet?


I could, for a little while, about 18 months ago when the course was briefly released by mistake.


oh that's sad..


Well, the course wasn't and isn't ready yet, so there wouldn't have been any point in keeping it open...


If Jitengore cannot find the time to dedicate to the course then it is perfectly understandable and no-one should blame him for any time-demanding life-events that are potentially beyond his control. However, if he is preventing anyone else from working on it whilst he does nothing then that would be a very different matter. I too hope these rumours are not true as I have long been looking forward to the Hindi course and have been frustrated by its apparent complete lack of progress for such a long time.
Jitengore does still appear to be active on Duolingo; it would be nice if he would respond to these (hopefully unfounded) rumours himself. I cannot believe that amongst almost 400 million Hindi-speakers there is no-one else who has the time and willingness to help create this course.

[deactivated user]

    Oh... trust me.... Applications are more scarce than you think


    I guess there were enough...


    If you look at the first updates the expected release date is November 23rd 2015.....

    [deactivated user]

      I wonder why there's only 1 contributor working on it.

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