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  5. "Which are my skirts?"

"Which are my skirts?"

Translation:Quelles sont mes jupes ?

March 4, 2013



shouldn't it be "Quelles sont mes jupes"?


I agree. Lesquelles sont mes jupes is really "which ones are my skirts", which is subtly different.


Difference between lesquelles and quelles?


Which one(s) and which.


and what about the difference between LAQUELLE and QUELLE?


Hi Q Talha. Laquelle=Which One. Quell=Which. (This is basic and applies specifically to this task and this thread.)


I believe you would use "quelles" or it's varients (depends on gender and sing/plu), if it was followed by the noun. ie: "quelles jupes sont courtes?" or "quelles jupes ont des poches?" (It is an adjective.)

You use "lesquelles" when not followed by the noun. (It is a pronoun.) ie: "Lesquelles sont mes jupes?"


No need for correction, you are right.


Then why are both "Quelles sont mes jupes?" and "Lesquelles sont mes jupes?" correct answers?


I'm unsure but it looks like this to me. Which are my shirts (Quelles sont mes chemises) and Which ones are my shirts (Lesquelles sont mes chemises) at this date 19/8/14 are now accepted because they both kind've mean the same thing in translation. DL Learns also...... .


Exactly yes, their meaning is so close that the two are interchangeable.

Strictly speaking "quelles sont/which are" and "lesquelles sont/which ones are" are best paired.


May I ask why, in this context, these options are considred interchangeable?


Ok can somebody straighten me out on the difference here... this seems contrary to the rule i was taught about lesquelles being used when no noun exists. These two sentences are identical except for the quelles/lesquells usage. Marking both options correct makes it seem as if you can use whichever you want


You can either say:

quelles jupes sont les miennes ? = which skirts are mine? (quelles being an adjective, modifying "jupes")

lesquelles sont mes jupes ? = which are my skirts? (lesquelles being a pronoun, acting as a noun and subject of verb sont)


Why then "quelles sont mes jupes"?


With "quelles sont mes jupes", the universe of choice is vague and large.

With "lesquelles sont mes jupes", the choice is narrower (like "among these few skirts, which ones are mine?)


Mes jupes sont lesquelles?


It sounds weird, but it is not absolutely wrong.


It's really not good, though. You can perhaps fix the sentence like that « Mes jupes, CE sont lesquelles ? ».

But still, don't say that. ;)


About.com say "Fem plural: *Lesquelles,<Pronoun>... Quelles <adjective>" This is over my head. Where can I go to clarify this grammar? .... I mean grammar for dugh-brains. I know what an adjective is. Pronoun is explained in my dictionary and is over my tiny brain. Is there a site anywhere, where I may practice my own English grammar? English to English. It would seriously ease my understanding of French if I knew what a gerund or a past participle was and the function. It wasn't until I studied Your explanations, and Northernguy's of composition of a sentence in French that I realised I needed Much more understanding of my own grammar, English to English. I have researched the British Council and registered but then they went and used my password as my Username so I'm off there. Registered with Babbel but after the first lesson they wanted money which I haven't got. Duo dont do English-to-English course. Help... anybody. I want to learn English to English grammar online for free. Thanks.


I googled "english to english grammar free" and got millions of pages.

And another bunch here:



Thank you so much. I have followed your advice and am now sorted. Bless.


I think that is "my skirts are which ones?"


In another sentence someone wrote that the difference between Quelles and lesquelles is: quelles is when there is a noun. Ex: quelle fille mange?
I thought I got it, but this sentence broke everything


It shouldn't because "lesquelles" is a pronoun, subject of the verb "sont", just after it.


Quelles sont tes chaussures ? (currently doing this execise, I have to translate this sentence) Everything is exactly the same but Quelles-Lesquelles. Is it a mistake that we should report? or It has an explanation?


I think they had repared the mistake because now "Quelles sont mes jupes" is valid too (before was wrong). So both Quelles and lesquelles are right


yes, i wrote "quelles sont mes jupes" and it was right! i surprised myself


Why is "mes jupes, lesquelles" incorrect?


"my skirts, which ones" is what we call "telegraphic style", i.e using a minimum of words when you have to pay by the word. It does not work because you have forgotten the verb.


I also don't understand why "mes roses, lesquelles?" translates to "which are my roses?" according to duolingo, but here it doesn't work the same way.


"which are my roses?" is a stretched (and wrong) translation of "mes roses, lesquelles ?".

  • which are my roses? = quelles sont mes roses ?
  • mes roses, lesquelles ? = my roses, which ones?


  • among all these flowers displayed here, which are my roses? = parmi toutes les fleurs montrées ici, quelles sont mes roses ?
  • Q: are your roses still blooming these days? A: my roses, which ones? = Q : tes roses sont-elles toujours en fleurs ces jours-ci ? R : mes roses, lesquelles ? (like: the ones I grow at home or the ones in the garden at my country house?)


Awww, misused singular 'quelle' - not that you can tell while actually saying it xD


Making mistakes helps make it easier to remember things later c:


Whats the difference between lesquelles, lequel, quel, quelles, laquel, etc.??


quel, quelle, quels, quelles = interrogative adjectives

  • quel est ton nom ? = what is your name? - masc sing
  • quelle est ton adresse ? = what is your address? - fem sing
  • quels sont vos chapeaux ? = which are your hats? - masc plur
  • quelles sont vos chaussures ? = which are your shoes? - fem plur

lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles = interrogative pronouns

  • lequel est ton chapeau ? = which one is your hat?
  • laquelle est ta jupe ? = which one is your skirt?
  • lesquels sont vos chapeaux ? = which ones are your hats?
  • lesquelles sont vos jupes ? = which ones are your skirts?


thank you so much!!


"Quelle est ma thé?" ..... is that how to ask "Which is my tea?"


Please learn "un-thé" as if it were one word, to remember that it is a masculine noun.

Quel est mon thé ?


this is ridiculous sometimes they say which translates to quelles and sometimes they say it even translates to lesquelles. Common which is what? lay it out simple!


Well, DL didn't invent French and so lets not shoot the messenger. I think Lesquels/Lesquelles means Which Ones. There are many French words for Which/What and they yet fox me. The use depends on context and whether it is as a pronoun or adjective. With much use I'll become more acquainted as to the appropriateness of one over the other. French is not an easy language especially for the English, like me and is even more tricky for those, like me, who've a lousy memory. So, chin-up; you are by no means alone. :)


See my comment to GoodNightVienna above


Would NOT accept Laquelles sont mes jupes today.


It will never accept laquelles because it is not a French word.

The adjecives are "quel, quelle, quels, quelles".

The pronouns just add the matching definite article (le, la, les): lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles.


Duo accepts lesquelles and quelles

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