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Dear Duolingo,

Dear Duolingo.

I am an Estonian speaker who would like to get courses on Estonian. I would be happy to contribute, and even though Estonian is a very small language, I think a lot of people would benefit to having the courses. Please consider my request.

Yours sincerely, Lumememm.

P.S. We could also have English for Estonian speakers, which would be very useful.

June 4, 2017



If you want to contribute, send an application here then, no need to write on the forum: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


Very interested!


Thank you! I will get working on it.

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You will probably have to find a few others who are able and willing to contribute to the course. Duolingo wants to have a bit of a stable team around community provided languages, in order to make sure that the investment doesn't have to stop halfway through development, or that it turns out that the course is no longer being maintained after a couple of months.


Me also is very interested in your row of 25 !.Congratulations .One day,I met a young boy in doulingo having a 10 languages all with level 25.I think,rich countries give support to people so as they can innovate and get brilliance early.Am I right?


I also know Estonian (even though I am Croatian ) when I see your Estonian starting in the incubator I will also help you make it


I will be looking for people to help me when I do this. I am not sure when, because I am busy right now, but I will try start soon.



Dear Duolingo, Can you not make us follow EVERY COMMET WE POST???

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