App bug

Sometimes the app stops connecting to the internet and it won't record any progress I made that day. When that happens, I have to completely close out of the app and toggle internet on my phone on and off before it will work again. I can tell when it won't connect because the little Duo owl takes a long time to pop up telling me that I'm on track for the day. It'll say it's having trouble connecting and to switch languages and try again. That never works. I always have to quit the program and toggle my internet on and off. Every once in awhile it says it's connected fine and only after I do a few lessons does it say it's having trouble connecting and it loses all my progress.

Can y'all do anything about that?

March 21, 2014


Thanks for reaching out! If the connection is not strong this might happen. I'll bring this feedback to the iOS team!

I'm usually in my house where I get a really strong wifi connection. I never have a problem with anything else using the internet. Even my Netflix and Vudu never have to stop to buffer because the connection is fast.

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