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how are you getting on with Spanish

So I have decided to learn Spanish from scratch I'm a total beginner. I don't consider my self to be very intelligent so I think I'm going to struggle haha but I'm determined. If you have started from being a beginner how have you got on. is it realistic of me to think after I have put the effort in and completed my tree ill be able to speak Spanish. I'm not expecting to be fluent but at least be able to have some kind of conversation in Spanish.

June 4, 2017



Well it seems like you speak English so you're already like halfway there. The alphabet is the same, Spanish spelling is just much much simpler, and like half of English words come from French and most of those French words are very close to the Spanish word.


I have mainly used Duolingo to learn Spanish. I completed the tree and am now just reviewing lessons until I get everything ready for Rosetta Stone. According to multiple online fluency tests, I am at an upper level of intermediate. (I don't usually trust online tests, but I consistently get that result). I am able to read most things in Spanish, but still need work on my listening comprehension (which is still much better than it was). As soon as something at my job is over, I'm going to try to read a novel in Spanish. So anyway, that's where I got with Duo. The trick is to study every single day without fail.


Duolingo is a great way to start, but to learn conversation skills, you will need to have some practice doing that as well. Beginning conversations are going to be super simple such as "Hola! Cómo está? Estoy bien, gracias." You can use other resources to supplement Duolingo to improve your conversations skills. Lots are available online.

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