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Wenn er das Essen kocht, spielen wir


I understand that wenn is a subjunction and therefore the verb "kocht" gets displaced to the end of the clause, but why does the verb "spielen" come before the subject in the independent clause? Is "wir spielen" also acceptable?

Thank you

June 4, 2017



In a non-subordinate German sentence, the conjugated verb is always in second place, but most other 'elements' can be moved freely as long as there is one before the verb (by elements I mean nouns, pronouns, adverbs, but also whole subordinate clauses).

here's a little example:

Wir spielen heute = Heute spielen wir

Wir spielen wenn er das Essen kocht = Wenn er das Essen kocht spielen wir


Thank you so much. A very clear explanation.

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