Duolingo grading messed up

Duo keeps knocking down all lessons past about the halfway point through the course to 1/5, while leaving nearly all those in the first half at 5/5, despite the fact that I did no better on those and, in the intervening weeks, I've forgotten a good deal from those lessons.
"Internet and Social Media" was at 1/5 a few days ago, so I reviewed and did the "Strengthen" lesson. Although I only missed one or two, I was only bumped up to 3/5. Well today, it was back down to 1/5!!!??? To show how ridiculous that is, I just retook the "Strengthen" lesson without reviewing, and missed nothing. I try to ignore these things and just concentrate on learning German, but it's very frustrating to have the grading so divorced from my actual progress.

June 4, 2017


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