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  5. "Il est fou des animaux."

"Il est fou des animaux."

Translation:He is crazy about animals.

March 4, 2013



Is this a common French expression like it is in English? "To be crazy about something"


yes, including people: "il est fou d'elle" - "elle est folle de lui" - "je suis fou de toi"


Is this use of des part of an expression or is this a normal use of des. I mean, is des used as the English 'for' often/always or is this an exception because it is part of an expression?


a number of expressions are built with "de", others with "à", as in English some are built with "for" or "to" or "about"...

here, "fou des animaux" is "fou <contracted de-les> animaux"


I think there are several situations where "des" translates to "about". Like "nous parlons des animamux".


Several situations: yes, when the English verb is constructed with "about" and the French with "de".

we talk about the animals = nous parlons des (= contraction of preposition "de" + definite article "les")

But: we think about the animals = nous pensons aux animaux (= contraction of preposition "à" + definite article "les")


The preposition used to construct these verbs is not the same one:

  • parler de = talk about
  • penser à = think of/about

In addition, when you use "parler de" or "penser à" with a plural definite article, a contraction is required:

  • not "parler de les animaux" but "parler des animaux"
  • not "penser à les animaux" but "penser aux animaux"


I'm sorry but could you please explain why "des" in the first sentence: "We talk about the animals" and why "aux" in the second sentence" " We think about the animals".


I wrote "He is wild about animals" and it wasn't accepted. Even though "wild" appears in the popup over "fou". Oh well........


Try reporting it for this use only. "Wild" only applies to certain expressions using "fou". They also say "fou de chagrin" which means "wild with grief".


does this sentence mean that he likes animals? or he dislike animals?


i am verry happy now because i learn french by english and i am arab my language is arabic

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