June 4, 2017



Can also be shi


Yes, 4 is "shi", from 14 onwards it's "yon"!


I remember hearing that for four, using し can be considered bad luck because death 「死」also shares that character.


It is bad luck in Japan.


Its mostly yon but can be shi on occasion.


That's why the Chinese phone manufacture OnePlus doesn't have a OnePlus 4 but they called it OnePlus 3T.


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as it is in Chinese, right?


Yes, 四 is a homophone for 死 "si" (fourth tone, with the "i" pronounced similar to that of "bird" in English) in Chinese just as in Japanese, hence the similar stigmas.


Elevators dont have 4th floor too I think?


When is it Yon and when is it Shi, when do you use which one?


They are the same...but Shi is rarely used for 4 since it means death in Japanese


I once heard the wrestler Asuka say し when she was counting on TV; I think she was counting up. She's from Osaka if there's some regional difference involved.


I have heard its shi when counting up, yon when counting down. But for other cases, I don't know.


I was always taught shi for four then yon after 14


I thought that 4 was shi not yon


Don't know if it's a coincidence or every Japanese course starts with the sounds i, ni, and chi but... I like the fact that some of the first characters introduced by DL resemble Latin ones so it's easier to memorize, e.g. Chi looks like a 5, n like a Latin n, yo kind of looks like yo (or jo) when you tilt it to the left.


The hiragana for i, chi, and ni are what are needed to begin learning numbers (ichi = 1, ni = 2), so that's probably a bigger reason.


I'm learning Chinese and here are numbers with pinyin: 1 一 yī, 2 二 èr, 3 三 sān, 4 四 sì,5 五 wǔ,6 六 liù, 7 七 qī, 8 八 bā, 9 九 jiǔ, 10 十 shí.


What difference is there between calling four "shi," or "yon?" Is it something to do with informal and formal or there are different number systems for certain numbers?


Mostly interchangeable but in certain cases you have to use one over the other.


I thought that 4 was shi not yon


Make sure to check previous comments, this has been discussed a few times on this page already



Why did 四 work for 4?


because there are three different types of japanese hiragana, katakana and kanji. they all mean the same tho


Strange, I remember my japanese textbook saying was pronounced as "hon"


ほん "hon" would mean "Book"


I dont have chinese keyboard


Good thing this is the Japanese course then, ;)
You can either use the word bank provided by Duo or install a Japanese IME on your device through your keyboard's language settings.


I thought four was shi, not yon. Which one is correct?


Both are correct.
There are two different counting systems used in Japanese for different situations,

The on-yomi (Sino-Japanese) system loaned from Chinese (ichi, ni, san, shi, go roku, shichi, hachi, kyuu, juu)

And the kun-yomi (Native Japanese) system (hito, futa, mi, yon, itsu, mu, nana, ya, kokono, too)

While the on-yomi is used for most counting situations, often the kun-yomi numbers for four and seven are preferred over their on-yomi versions.

The on-yomi for four, "shi" is a homophone of 死 "death" so it is often avoided out of superstition. You will see "shi" mainly only used in some older phrases and set expressions such as 四月・しがつ "April"

The on-yomi for seven "shichi" sounds very similar to "ichi" one so instead the kun-yomi "nana" is usually used to avoid confusion, especially with numbers larger than 10 aside from set expressions again like 七月・しちがつ "July"


The Japanese WWE Wrestler Asuka used the し pronunciation when on US TV only a few years ago, so there may be more nuance or regional differences (she's from Osaka if that matters).


so i have a samsung a12 and my keyboard has my type nn to get ん instead of just one (n) . so to spell よん (yon) i have to put yonn instead lol ik its just an extra letter but is it just my keyboard , or is there another reason ? /gen


That's not uncommon; it's the same on Windows. If the similarities continue, typing n' will also work as will typing any consonant other than y. The reason is that if typing n resulted in ん, you couldn't type な, に, にゃ, etc.


I wrote yon and it sayd it's incorrect. Am i suppose to write this in kanji?


It doesn't need to be strictly kanji 四 but it does need to be in Japanese script. This first checkpoint is primarily for teaching and practicing the hiragana system so よん is expected.
Duo doesn't accept romaji answers.


I wrote ' yo n ' still it said incorrect Why ?


Duo doesn't accept romaji answers, (and the romaji would be a single word 'yon', the space is to indicate which sound belongs to which syllable よ yo んn.

Romaji is mainly just a pronunciation guide for foreigners who can't read Japanese script, but these lessons are teaching you Japanese and the Japanese script so that is what is needed; either hiragana or kanji 四・よん


yep! I turn off the pronounciation guide after level 1 as it helps learn the script better, for me at least.

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