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Romanian Music


I'm going to Romania in a couple of months, and I'm working on my Romanian to prepare. One thing I like to do when I'm learning a language is listen to music in that language. Does anyone have any good recommendations for Romanian music?

(P.S. I already know Dragostea din tei, I'm looking for literally anything else :P )


June 4, 2017



You can listen to Inna (the songs in romanian), Delia, Smiley, Andreea Banica, Andra, Nicole Cherry, Trei Sud Est, Uddi, Randi, Jo, Speak, Elena Gheorghe, Antonia, Andreea Balan, Lidia Buble, Maxim, Lora, and many more, there are youtube channels of Romanian Music like "Cat Music" "Roton Music" once you listen to one of them there are a lot of suggestions, thats how i started to learn romanian, specifically with a song called Tu si Eu from Inna, hope this helps you :)


Here is a link to a discussion I made for my favorite Romanian Songs! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22789195


In romanian culture there is this genre of music we call "manele" you might want to avoid. (It generally is for gypsies or lower educated people). It usually features a jumpy tempo and (usually) quite offensive topic or words. Most people don't like it and when it's brought up as a topic it is usually for sarcastic jokes.

Besides that, you can try what everyone else in this thread is recommending.

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